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The Nation of Rath

King Zalmon’s third child was a centaur with a fine black coat and pale muscular torso. Oiled dark hair curled about his broad shoulders. He had the strong nose and chiseled chin of a hero. His beauty was almost enough to distract from the anger of his smoldering black eyes. “Denper’s hate has no end. […]

Tribes of Entriss

Rath Battle other players for gear and glory in Rath! Will you play a cunning Sprite, a crafty human, a resilient Centaur, or a horrific Ogre? Yu Thrive in the riches of Yu as you seek treasure in dungeons deep. Will you choose to be a powerful Troll, a lithe Wood Elf, a thirsty Human, […]

Entriss Online – A LitRPG VR Fantasy Novel

They were shutting down Entriss Online, and Ian had no way to stop them. The game was his life — by day, as one of their lead developers; by night, gaming as the accomplished Mandorf the Wizard. After years of leveling up, both professionally and personally, everything he had worked for was going to end. […]


Both Yu and Rath offer five equivalent professions. Yu Rath Barbarian Gladiator Wizard Sorcerer Thief Assassin Priest Cleric Ranger Marksman

The Nation of Yu

With a heavy sigh, Zalmon turned to face an enormous bronze-skinned Troll. He was built like an old oak tree with a thick chest and arms powerful enough to hold up the sky. One hand held tight an ornate, long-handled mace etched in ornate golden runes. The other raised a wine flask to his smirking […]